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Alumni Spotlight: Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith '16, Gamma Chapter

This year we want to kick off our alumni spotlight by highlighting one of our award winning alumni, Windsor Smith. In October 2022, the four time Emmy award nominee won the Best Daytime/Evening Newscast-Large Markets Emmy Award. After winning, she was elected to the Rocky Mountain Southwest Board of Governors, making her one of the youngest people to serve.

Windsor is an alumnae member of the Alpha Class of the Gamma Chapter at Arizona State University (ASU). She was part of the group of women that first brought Mu Epsilon Theta to a university outside of Texas. Windsor graduated in 2016 from ASU with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a dual Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Degree in Mass Communications. During her time as an active she served as the alumni coordinator, historian, and webmaster. She also served as a board member of Mu Epsilon Theta Foundation.

One of the things she values the most from her time with Mu Epsilon Theta are the connections she made and that continue to be part of her life today. Upon graduation, Windsor moved to New Mexico for work and through that transition she had a fellow sister that helped her navigate life after college. Now that she is back in Arizona, she continues to work with other sisters who work in nonprofits to highlight the work they are doing in the community of Arizona.

Windsor currently works as a Producer for ABC15 Arizona 5 pm news and serves on the board of her alma mater, Xavier College Prep. She is also part of the WISH: Women in Service and Hope society at St. Vincent de Paul. Windsor likes to give back in a multitude of ways and has found a way to bring service into her work by creating stories and highlighting service organizations like Vincent de Paul as part of her role as a news producer. We are proud of our sister Windsor for her achievement and for continuing to live out the pillar of service through her work.

If you're a collegiate member and are interested in a career in journalism and mass communication, let us know and we will connect you with Windsor.



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