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Sorority-Wide Expansion Fundraiser

In October of 2020 the Charter Committee, as well as Mu Epsilon Theta National Sorority, decided to launch a sorority-wide campaign to raise $5000. All proceeds will benefit the start of new charters on our path to expand this sorority nationwide.

When our new Board of Directors and Charter Committee members were named, we all knew what we wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year: starting a new charter. Creating a new charter takes a lot of time, work, and money, all but one which we have in our Charter Committee. We established that both Mu Epsilon Theta National Catholic Sorority and Catholic Centers across the country do not have the monetary resources that it takes to establish a new charter, therefore we are turning to our amazing alumnae, family, friends, and any other donors.

To learn more about this fundraiser our Charter Committee Financial Advisor and Expansion Coordinator Rachael Goodard explains everything you need to know!

If you have any further questions please contact our Board of Directors or Charter Committee. If you would like to donate in honor of this fundraiser you can also contact us.



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